Why move abroad when you can get quality education here in Bahrain?


Studying abroad has a lot of perks so we understand why a lot of students in Bahrain opt for this option when pursuing further studies. But what if these students do not need to look further to get quality education?

Today, we are providing you 5 reasons why the American University of Bahrain is an excellent option.

Quality American-style education

Mirroring the best universities in the United States, the American University of Bahrain offers a holistic journey for students and unique approach to education that fosters interaction and collaboration between students, faculty, and the professional community. 

At AUBH, students are given the freedom to find the career path that is right for them. This means that during the first two years at the University, students have common general education courses that give them the skills to be productive, allow them to self-asses and change their minds to what suits them best. With that said, students can decide if they want to enroll in a different degree program while transferring with the maximum number of credit hours. 

Innovative curriculum and courses

AUBH’s curriculum is built by experts to respond to new job requirements and adapt to global employability readiness. The University offers programs within the Colleges of Business & Management, Engineering, and Architecture & Design. Moreover, the University’s Founding President Dr. Susan E. Saxton, announced three new undergraduate programs and three more graduate programs in the pipeline.

You can check the full list of courses here.

International partnership

In 2020, AUBH announced their pursuit of a partnership with California State University Northridge (CSUN). They have recently cemented this partnership, subject to HEC approval. Meaning, the University will be able to offer students access to the largest public University network in the United States. Students at AUBH will have a path to earn a degree directly from CSUN at the undergraduate and graduate level. They won’t have to leave Bahrain for an international diploma!

Beautiful campus

The University features a contemporary, 75,000 square meter of space in Riffa. The innovative and high-tech campus enhances the teaching and learning experience for both faculty and students. There are also modern classrooms, library, labs, Sports Center with indoor and outdoor courts and fields, vast Student Commons, and an Auditorium for special events. 

The campus is also alive with a host of leisure and extra-curricular activities to create unique spaces for students, faculty and staff to interact, learn and grow as individuals.

Diverse student body

AUBH is currently hosting international students from fourteen different countries, adding to their already diverse student body. The University is receiving a growing number of transfer students who wish to continue an American-style education in the GCC. These students are proof of the University’s effective and innovative academic approach.

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