Where to get a recommendation letter for college?


When applying for university, students would need to submit one or more letters of recommendation – this is typically written by teachers and the school guidance counsellor, and in some cases, employers.

A letter of recommendation is an important part of your application as it allows the university to have further insight on how your school has assessed you beyond your grades – your qualities, characteristics, and abilities.

A strong recommendation letter can differentiate you from other applicants. These letters should discuss your academic abilities and potentials while also highlighting your character.

Who to ask?

Decide on who to ask depending on the university you are applying to. Some universities ask for recommendation letters from specific subject teachers.


Choose teachers who have known you for a long time. Your teachers spend a significant amount of time with you and have watched you grow. They can provide insight on your growth as an individual as well as your academic capabilities, strengths, and accomplishments.

School counselor

Your school guidance counselor can provide insight about you in the context of your entire class. You can also ask them who they think would make a good reference.


If you are a working student and have a good relationship with your employer, you can consider asking them to write you a recommendation letter. Your employer can give insight on your strengths in the ‘real world’ outside of school.


Your coach is another person who witnesses your capabilities outside of the classroom and therefore can provide insight on your character and practical skills.

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