What is Education_bh: Innovation and Excellence?

Education_bh: Innovation and Excellence is a first-of-its-kind initiative to inform educators, students, and parents, of the most important educational innovations across Bahrain’s schools and universities. We invited Bahrain’s leading schools and universities to share with us details of a recent educational innovation or specific area of excellence they enacted. We wanted to learn:
  • The background of the innovation
  • The planning processes
  • Challenges faced during implementation
  • An assessment of results
  • Lessons learned and, in hindsight, if things could have been done differently
Our aim:
  • To provide a platform for recognizing and sharing significant innovations from schools and universities.
  • Inform parents and students about these innovations.
  • Promote cross-learning and sharing of best practices between educational institutions.
  • Showcase Bahrain’s education sector both at home and internationally.
Education_bh: Innovation and Excellence provides schools and universities with an opportunity to share significant innovations that improve the educational experience of students.
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