UCLA Students Forced to Take Mandatory ‘Fat Positivity’ Class


UCLA medical school is under fire for forcing students to attend ‘health equity’ classes where ‘fat positivity’ is promoted, and reading material claims that the medical term ‘obesity’ is a slur “used to exact violence on fat people.”

Yes, really.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained the  entire syllabus for the mandatory course, titled Structural Racism and Health Equity, which one medical expert who has reviewed it describes as “education designed to ideologically indoctrinate physician-activists.”

As part of the required course, all first year medical students are made to read an essay by ‘fat liberationist’ Marquisele Mercedes (pictured), who uses made up terms like “fatphobia” to argue that the medical profession is biased against fat people, and that trying to lose weight to be more healthy is a “hopeless endeavor” because it is a disability that cannot be reversed.

The essay titled ‘No Health, No Care: The Big Fat Loophole in the Hippocratic Oath,’ claims that weight has become “pathologized and medicalized in racialized terms,” and that fatties are discriminated against by the medical profession, particularly “Black, disabled, trans, poor fat people.”


The syllabus states that the essay provides guidance on “resisting entrenched fat oppression.”

WFB writer Aaron Sibarium breaks down the syllabus, which is replete with extreme Marxist, gender ideology, and critical race theory positions, in this thread (click through to read):

The findings have been slammed by Jeffrey Flier, former dean of Harvard Medical School, who warned that the curriculum “promotes extensive and dangerous misinformation.”

Flier charges that UCLA “has centered this required course on a socialist/Marxist ideology that is totally inappropriate,” adding that “As a longstanding medical educator, I found this course truly shocking.”

“This is a profoundly misguided view of obesity, a complex medical disorder with major adverse health consequences for all racial and ethnic groups,” Flier further urged, adding that indoctrinating medical students with such “ignorant” notions constitutes “malpractice.”

Earlier this month, UCLA’s ‘Structural Racism’ course also mandated first-year medical students to sit through a crackpot lecture by a screaming masked up pro-Hamas activist who told them pray to ‘mama Earth’.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that when one student refused to participate, a faculty member “inquired about the student’s identity, implying that discipline could be on the table.”

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