UAE: Up to AED200,000 Fine for Cheating in Exams


A federal law to combat cheating in examinations stipulates fines of up to AED 200,000. The penalty is imposed on anyone other than a student who commits any of three acts before, during, or after the exams.

These are: Print, publish, promote, transmit, or leak information related to questions, answers, or examination content by any means; modify answers or the grades awarded; and impersonate a student to take the exam in his/her place.

The law was among 73 federal legislations across various sectors passed last year.

“Anyone other than a student who participates or contributes as an original perpetrator or partner in causing … the commission of any of the acts stipulated (above) … with his knowledge shall be punished with the same penalty,” the law on combating cheating and disruption of the examination system states.

If convicted, the perpetrator may be ordered to do community service for up to six months — either as an added penalty or in place of the fine.

If a student is caught cheating, disciplinary procedures will be initiated. These will be in line with conduct rules and regulations in force at the Ministry of Education, educational authorities in each Emirate, and educational institutions.

The law defines cheating as “obtaining or attempting to obtain, give, or leak information related to questions, answers, or examination content by illegal means, including penetrating electronic examination systems, falsifying results, or the student possessing and using any information technology means or other illegal means in examination rooms and centres”.

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