UAE-Based Firm To Set Up Culinary School, Farm In Africa


A community culinary school and a sustainable farm will be built in West Africa courtesy of Kidzink, a Dubai-based educational, architectural, and manufacturing firm.

For this project, Kidzink is collaborating with Waste to Wonder Worldwide, which is a UK Social Enterprise and Charity.

The partnership will see these organisations work together to design and build a sustainable community school in The Gambia.

Young people attending the culinary school will learn relevant front-of-house skills such as interacting and dealing with customers as well as back-of-house skills such as preparing the food or doing the dishes.

The youth will also develop essential skills in sustainable cooking, agriculture, hospitality, and tourism, placing them at the forefront of a future that prioritises environmental consciousness.

The culinary school will employ members of the local community, and support local businesses in its operation.

“Kidzink’s partnership with Waste to Wonder Worldwide aligns perfectly with our commitment to social impact and sustainability,” said Charlotte Borghesi, Founder & Managing Director of Kidzink.

“This new collaboration with the team allows us to further extend our work through imagining, designing, and eventually realising a school that will not only serve young people in The Gambia but also the wider community for hopefully, generations to come,” she added.

Assistance from ‘zero-waste’ chef

As part of the project, Waste to Wonder Worldwide and Kidzink are also joining forces with sustainable culinary advocate and author, Chef Conor Spacey. He will offer guidance and insights for the design and construction of the school and surrounding area.

Chef Spacey, known as the ‘Zero-waste’ Chef, will also equip the community with tools and skills for sustainable cooking and agriculture. The celebrated chef is known for doing things that save both on cost and waste.

Through video lessons on sustainable cooking techniques, he will make the educational experience accessible for students.

“This amazing project really highlights how food can play an important part in building an entire circular economy. From the planning to the construction, the furniture to the Art, the farm to the school, and also buying produce from local villages, everyone benefits, with the end goal of giving people skills that can assist them in working their way out of poverty, it’s too important to not be involved,” said Spacey.

Skills development opportunities

Meanwhile, Waste to Wonder Worldwide undertakes ethical clearances of redundant furniture globally and redistributes it to meaningful causes through its network.

This ensures that functional furniture reaches underserved communities, such as those in The Gambia, significantly enhancing educational facilities and outcomes while also reducing waste and emissions.

Michael Amos, Managing Director of Waste to Wonder Worldwide, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Kidzink on this transformative project. This underscores our shared commitment to empowering communities through sustainable initiatives. By collaborating with Kidzink, we aim to not only provide practical education and skills development opportunities but also to create a lasting impact on the environment and the lives of individuals in The Gambia and beyond.”

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