Training for the Future: An Interview with Ayman Albasri of Mutamahin


The Mutamahin graduate program was launched in 2014 with the main aim of cultivating a cultural transformation for workplace readiness among university students. Named after the word “apprentice” in classical Arabic was designed to integrate thought-provoking and interactive activities that provide high-value training in areas that are not typically covered in a university curriculum but are nonetheless necessary for a student’s emergence in a dynamic and highly competitive industry. 

The program is initiated by the CFA Society Bahrain, the Kingdom’s pre-eminent association for local investment professionals. 

We spoke with Ayman Albasri, Mutamahin Chair to find out all about this unique program that’s upskilling Bahraini youth. 

Ayman Albasri – Mutamahin Chair

Tell us a little about Mutamahin’s background. 

Mutamahin was developed with a long-term vision of producing a dedicated generation of professionals, by nurturing university students to develop a series of soft skills required to surface in Bahrain’s ecosystem. With the intention of bridging the gap between employers and students, the program promotes and maintains the highest standards of professionalism and contributes towards the development of the local workforce as a testimony of its dedication to the country’s society.

How does Mutamahin ensure the upskilling of its participants? 

The program works closely with employers to identify skills most sought after in the market and ensures Mutamahin graduates leave fully equipped, by designing the program accordingly. Through specific work-related challenges and merit-based screening, Mutamahin’s graduates are well-trained to better understand the beginning of their careers and participate at higher levels by showcasing their employability skills to esteemed organizations.

Led by experts in the region, candidates are provided with intensive training in many modules over the course of several weeks to better arm them with the skills necessary to succeed in a work environment. To further differentiate itself from other educational programs, the organizing team consists of alumni Mutamahin graduates with the relevant knowledge to arrange seamless and engaging experiences for the students.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the program?

Following through with its commitment to provide students the chance to gain financial and professional skills, the program was later delivered entirely online during the 2020 global pandemic to accommodate students through the COVID restrictions and received over 200 applications. Every week, candidates virtually joined from all over Bahrain and neighboring countries for workshops, discussions with industry experts, and job shadowing sessions with leading establishments where they were introduced to potential employers and given a chance to expand their professional network.

To fully engage students and further broaden their understanding, the program is moving back to physical workshops to encourage team building amongst the candidates and partake in interactive sessions with speakers and industry players.

What is the overall impact of the program offered by Mutamahin?

Mutamahin has now benefited over 500 students and has been a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain meaningful experiences. Since its launch, the program has partnered with top Bahraini institutions to secure over 400 internship positions for graduates and has led to multiple full-time careers in various fields by empowering and investing in the country’s youth.

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