Training and Employment Initiative: Arab Open University


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The initiative aims to offer the required skills of the labour market and cooperate with private sector organisations to afford suitable job opportunities for AOU students and graduates.

How was the innovation planned?

It took more than one year to plan, coordinate, and design the initiative in cooperation with local and international partners.

What were the challenges faced during implementation?

The main challenge was finding a suitable fund.

Give us a brief assessment of your results.

It is impressive from the perspective of enhancing the students and graduates with the right skills and offering many job opportunities to our graduates.

In hindsight, what were the most valuable lessons learned while implementing the innovation? Could things have been done differently?

The main outcome is giving a chance to the young generation to take part in the planning stage and give their input. Additionally, we moved one step forward to extend the benefit of this initiative to cover different areas and larger scales.

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