Top Tips when Applying for a School


Applications for school admissions may vary from school to school, but there are several requirements that remain constant regardless of where you’re applying to. Make sure that you have the best chance of getting what you want with these tips.

Primary School

Agree on your priorities

There are a lot of questions that come to mind when applying for a school for your child so you must first decide what your priorities are. Are you looking for a religious/faith school? Does your child require special educational needs? Research and find out schools you’re interested in applying to.

Research the admission criteria

Check if your child is eligible for all the schools that you’re applying for. Some schools have special criteria that reduce the chances of children of getting a place such as faith schools. Do not waste your time applying for a school your child is not eligible for.

Your list must reflect your preferences

List the schools you’re interested in according to your genuine order of preference and not based on whatever admission criteria is easier to accomplish.

Double check the dates

Keep track of the key dates as well as the submission deadlines for the requirements.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you visit the school you want your child to attend. You can also talk to other parents attend open dates.

High School

Choose your schools early

Decide which high schools you and your child are interested in applying to. Know the admission tests, criteria, interviews and documents they require. If your child doesn’t fit the criteria, then look elsewhere.

Keep a list

There are several parts of school applications that can be difficult to keep up with unless you make an organized list.

Supply the right documentation on time

Read carefully what is required with your submission. Failing to supply the right information on time could jeopardize your chances at being admitted. It’s crucial that you keep all the due dates for applications or your hard work will be wasted!

Prepare for the entrance examination

Almost all private schools have admission tests. In addition to finding out which tests your child will be taking, you need to give your child enough time to prepare.

Remember that it takes time for students to reach their full potential for these tests. With the summer already jam-packed with admission to-do lists, the best way to avoid stressing your child out is to start preparing early.


Apply early

It’s advantageous to apply early in the application cycle. Set deadlines for completing essays, recommendation letters and filling out forms a few weeks before the deadline. The websites of colleges are the right place to find accurate deadline information.

Understand the key factors

Know the standardized test scores as well as the requirements for applying. Be thorough and provide all requested information.

Keep copies

Make a copy of your application. Save your personal identification numbers, passwords as well as emails from your admission officers. This can help you resolve any problems that arise during the process.

Have a backup

Although you might be desperate to enroll at your first choice, it’s also a good idea to have a backup. Try applying for a range of different universities with varying admission requirements to give yourself a better chance at being accepted, regardless of your grades.

And most importantly…

Meet deadlines!

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