Third Sham University Reported To Public Prosecution; HEC Warns Against Unaccredited Degrees


The Higher Education Council (HEC) has reported to the Public Prosecution a third case of a fraudulent entity masquerading as a university.

This revelation follows the identification of two other sham institutions on May 9, which were also found to be offering unrecognised degrees.

Operating within Bahrain, these entities have deceived both citizens and residents with assurances of accredited university qualifications.

The HEC, through its continuous oversight, has revealed their unlawful operations after extensive inquiries.

Recently, another counterfeit establishment was discovered luring students via online platforms and social media, with claims of providing valid university qualifications.

To counter these deceptive practices, the HEC has acted by submitting all three cases to the Public Prosecution, along with pertinent evidence and additional details for follow-up.

Legitimacy The HEC urges those pursuing higher education to confirm the legitimacy of both institutions and their academic programmes via the HEC’s official website.

It is also recommended to consult the HEC’s General Secretariat and to steer clear of any adverts promoting certificates from unaccredited entities.

Involvement with such entities can lead to significant repercussions, as the certificates they issue are not officially recognised and therefore, lack any merit.

The HEC is committed to safeguarding the standards of higher education, ensuring that students are provided with authentic and recognised educational prospects.

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