The British School of Bahrain Clinches Top Prize in Inspired Global Robotics Competition 2024

The British School of Bahrain (BSB) has clinched the top prize at the 2024 Inspired Global Robotics Competition, marking their second consecutive win. Yash and Vedant, from Year 5 triumphed in the 9-10 age group category of the event.

Spanning 22 countries across five continents, the Inspired Global Robotics Competition challenges students to exhibit their creativity and technical skills in machine technology. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the competition encourages participants to design robots that address global challenges such as poverty, hunger, health, and inequality. This initiative aims to inspire future generations to become global problem-solvers and contribute to societal advancement.

BSB’s educational philosophy, bolstered by its association with the Inspired Education Group, focuses on preparing students with vital skills and a broad worldview. This approach is in harmony with Bahrain’s Vision 2030, which prioritizes innovation and human capital development to foster the nation’s growth.

The Inspired Education Group operates a global network of high-quality schools that emphasize academic excellence, arts, and sports to deliver a well-rounded education.

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