Test Scores for US Students Drop to 30-Year Low – How Lockdowns During COVID Devastated Education in America


The government-enforced lockdown of schools and months of forced remote learning during Covid have devastated the education of America’s future leaders. New data on ACT college admissions tests shows high school students’ scores have plunged to the lowest in over three decades.

According to data published by ACT, the nonprofit organization that administers the college readiness exam, the average composite score on the ACT test fell to 19.5 for the class of 2023, a decline of .3 points from 2022. The average scores in mathematics, reading, and science subjects were below ACT College Readiness Benchmarks, indicating fewer seniors than ever are ready for college.

“We are also continuing to see a rise in the number of seniors leaving high school without meeting any of the college readiness benchmarks, even as student GPAs continue to rise and students report that they feel prepared to be successful in college,” ACT CEO Janet Godwin wrote in a statement.

One of the best examples of a school system caught in a grading scandal is the Baltimore City Public Schools system. Investigative journalist Chris Papst of Fox45 News’ Project Baltimore has found dozens of schools with very few kids proficient in critical subjects on state exams despite some earning satisfactory grades.

Godwin continued, “The hard truth is that we are not doing enough to ensure that graduates are truly ready for postsecondary success in college and career. These systemic problems require sustained action and support at the policy level. This is not up to teachers and principals alone – it is a shared national priority and imperative.”

About 1.4 million high school seniors took the ACT test, about 21% of them met benchmarks for college subjects. And a shocking 43% met none of these benchmarks.

Readers have well-understood the Covid crisis and government lockdowns unleashed a ‘learning poverty.’

Last fall, Anthony Fauci told corporate media he had “nothing to do” with school lockdowns and the resulting learning loss among public school students.

Meanwhile, some universities and colleges no longer require applicants to submit ACT and SAT standardized tests. This may be because the education-industrial complex understands the dumbing down of the youth – plus, the continuation of the EDU bubble is only made possible by giving false promises of future success to the younger generation while strapping them with $100,000 in student debt.

Also, there needs to be a nationwide discussion on ‘woke’ math, and gender pronoun studies – and how these subjects will produce tomorrow’s rocket scientists.

The worsening implosion of the public school system is more free advertisement for parents to consider homeschooling.

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