Bahrain: Temporary Transition to Distance Learning System in Educational Institutions in Sitra and Surrounding Areas


The Ministry of Education received complaints and reports about the spread of odours in schools in Sitra Island. The ministry has promptly contacted the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE), which inspected the schools to investigate the issue.

The ministry has issued a decision to temporarily conduct distance learning in public and private educational institutions located in Sitra and surrounding areas from Monday, April 22 until Thursday, April 25. 

The measure comes to ensure that the educational process continues uninterrupted and to allow sufficient time for relevant authorities to inspect all schools in the aforementioned area, a ministry statement said. 

The Ministry also decided to suspend the work of early education institutions (kindergartens) located in Sitra and its surrounding for the same period. The concerned team in the ministry will contact them to inform them of the decision.

The educational institutions included in the decision are as follows:

1.    Government schools-

Sitra Secondary School for Girls

Sitra Intermediate School for Girls

Sitra Primary School for Girls

Sitra Primary School for Boys

Qarnata Primary School for Girls

Al Qadisiyah Primary School for Girls

Al Yarmouk Primary School for Boys

Awal Intermediate School for Boys

Imam Ali Primary and Intermediate School for Boys

Al Munthir Bin Sawa Al Tamimi Primary School for Boys

Umm Al Qura Primary and Intermediate School for Girls

Nuwaidrat Primary School for Girls

Al Jazeera Primary School for Boys

Al Nabih Saleh Primary Girls School

Ibn Al Nafis Primary School for Boys

2.    Private schools-

Al Noor International School

Alia National School

3.    Higher education institutions-

Applied Sciences University(ASU)

4.    Early education institutions-

Abjad Hawaz Kindergarten

Al Batoul Kindergarten

Al Jawaher Kindergarten

Children’s garden kindergarten

Al Rehab Kindergarten

Al Zahraa Kindergarten

Al Shumoos Kindergarten 

Al Sadiq Kindergarten

Al Qamar Kindergarten

Mahd Al Azhar Kindergarten 

Nibras Kindergarten

Al Nawra’a Kindergarten

The ministry indicated that government and private educational institutions located in Sitra and surrounding areas will take the necessary measures in coordination with the Education Ministry to announce the procedures for distance learning.

The Ministry of Education emphasised that it gives high priority to the health and safety of all educational institution members. It affirmed that it carefully considers all reports received, transferring them to relevant authorities for verification and decision-making. 

The ministry’s statement concluded by clarifying that the reports have been received only from schools in Sitra, but it has expanded the application of the distance learning decision to schools in surrounding areas as a precautionary measure.

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