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Please share a brief background of your innovation.

As a group of IKNS students sat down to try to make a difference, an idea came to mind. It was something unheard of, something unique. It was something that could change lives beyond our academic landscape. As young ambassadors of Ibn Khuldoon National School, inspired by His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa – Representative of his majesty King Hamad for Charity Works and Youth Affairs, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Humanitarian Foundation, we wanted to be a helping hand to the society, the people, and the country that has raised us. This is how it all began. Team Nasser is a student-led initiative that started in 2019 with 12 students from Grades 9 to 12. These students were united by a mission; a mission to contribute, help and unite the most vulnerable individuals in the Bahraini community.

How was it planned?

The first team project was a house of a single father with 6 children. Despite the father’s best efforts to provide a sound and comfortable home for his children, his financial situation was a hindrance; allowing for the most basic provisions within the four walls of a deteriorating structure. In one small room, devoid of air-conditioning, scratched walls surrounded bed frames with no mattresses that were shared by his six children. The living room was found in a similar state; empty, bare with only a small sofa alone in the corner of the room. This was a house but not a home. This was an experience that could not be ignored or neglected. After widening the perspective of our team members, they assessed the situation and devised a solution to upgrade the family’s living conditions.

Did you face any challenges in implementation?

Challenges are frequent in team activities, whether they are the physical challenges of carrying tiles or the administrative side of the team. In order to facilitate teamwork, the team is currently divided into several departments that work hand in hand to spread awareness of the importance of charitable work and its impact on the community or to continue to give back to this community. The endless support of HH Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa and the motivation from the IKNS admin empowers the team to continue in its journey. 

A brief assessment of your results

To this day, the team of 40 students continues to seek opportunities to provide help to less fortunate families in the Kingdom of Bahrain by enhancing their living conditions through renovation. The team successfully completed 6 renovation projects and is currently working on the seventh. Since its inception, the students have been the driving force of good; through their direct involvement in the planning, marketing, renovating, and refurbishing process, they have nurtured their community and themselves by showcasing their selflessness, teamwork, and social responsibility. 

The passion, dedication, and drive of the students did not falter, which is why they met the challenge of budgeting head-on. The team started organizing mini-events to sustain their project. Yet, the growth and success were only made possible by the support of His Highness Shaikh Nasser, and the Royal Humanitarian Foundation, who were the logistics supporters. Seeing our ideas come to fruition upon the completion of the house renovation was an incomparable feeling; the team had a taste of giving and they were hungry for more.

In hindsight, what were the most valuable lessons learned? Could things have been done differently?

There should be no definition of giving back, as there are no parameters on how much can be given or how much love is put into the action. This philosophy is integral to the IKNS community and is continuously highlighted through our charitable and volunteer efforts.

Team Nasser is more than a school club; it is an initiative that teaches the students the true values of life and pushes them to do better. The team is grateful for the opportunities given to them by His Royal Highness, the IKNS administration, and the generosity of the Bahraini community.

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