Teacher Fined For Criticizing Bahrain’s Education Ministry On Social Media


The Bahrain Lower Criminal Court has issued a fine of BD100 to a teacher who was charged with insulting a public institution, specifically the Ministry of Education.

The court’s decision came after the prosecutor presented evidence that the defendant had posted a video clip on her public Instagram account containing derogatory remarks and a direct attack on the Ministry.

During the proceedings, the prosecutor emphasised that the charges were pursued based on solid evidence, as the video clip constituted a deliberate and clear attack on the reputation and responsibilities of the Ministry of Education.

The defendant’s description of the Ministry as a ‘gathering place for traitors’ was deemed unacceptable by the prosecutor, given the institution’s role in educating the younger generation.

Furthermore, the defendant’s claim that the Ministry had produced ‘deficient students’ over the past 20 years was highlighted as an additional insult to both the graduates and the Ministry itself.

The prosecutor argued that such language violated the dignity and respect owed to a public institution, necessitating legal action to establish the boundary between criminal acts and freedom of expression.

In response, the defendant denied all charges brought against her.

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