Taif University takes action against 100 faculty members for failure in invigilation


Taif University President Dr. Yousef Asiri has ordered serving warning notice to over 100 teaching faculty members for their failure to attend or late coming for the invigilation of public examinations.

The university sources told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that the concerned colleges presented a report about this dereliction of duty by teachers to the university president.

It was pointed out that the failure on the part of some teachers in performing their duty during the time of final exams is considered a violation of paragraph four of Article 38 of the regulations governing the affairs of faculty members.

According to the regulation, the faculty member should actively participate in the work of their department as well as other councils and committees of which he is a member. The university served notices to the erred teachers not to repeat the violation.

The university stated that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the teachers in accordance with the disciplinary system of the regulations governing the affairs of faculty members.

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