St. George’s University School of Medicine Accepts Applications From MENA Students for Its January Intake


St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine in Grenada, in the Caribbean, is now accepting applications from prospective medical students in the MENA region for its January 2024 intake, keeping with the spirit of International Education Month. As one of the few international medical schools offering January admission, it allows students who missed previous intakes to secure a spot without waiting an entire year to begin their medical education journey.

SGU has three enrollment periods each year: January, April, and August. Each of these intakes offers various benefits to the students in the respective cohorts. There is also a September option for students interested in SGU’s UK pathway, which is offered in collaboration with Northumbria University, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. While starting medical school in the first month of the year might seem unconventional, there are certain advantages for students to consider.

International students can enjoy a more personalised learning experience through a good student-to-faculty ratio, given that the winter cohort is relatively smaller in size. Securing a medical residency is a crucial step towards becoming a doctor in the US. Students who begin medical school in January will have the opportunity to start their medical residency earlier than their peers who start in April or August, enabling them to get a head start in their medical education. Lastly, the January cohort will have more time to fully prepare for key examinations that take place at the end of the second year of their medical education, increasing their chances of success.

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