Sharjah Private Schools Resume In-Person Classes


Students, along with educational and administrative staff in private schools across the Sharjah, resume classes on Monday. The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) oversight teams have completed inspections of numerous schools, ensuring their readiness to receive students and addressing any issues caused by the recent weather depression.

The private schools in Sharjah have demonstrated remarkable agility in swiftly transitioning to remote education in response to directives of the Local Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team during the recent weather event. This underscores the advanced digital infrastructure and high efficiency of educational institutions in the emirate.

Schools have continued to deliver lessons via their digital platforms, promptly adhering to decisions made by relevant authorities to safeguard the well-being of students while ensuring educational continuity in line with established plans.

Ali Al Hosani, Director of SPEA, said that the authority was constantly communicating with the local emergency team, the concerned authorities, and school administrations to reach solutions that guarantee the safety of students and the administrative and teaching staff.

Al Hosani underscored the rapid response displayed by all private schools in Sharjah, showcasing their proficiency in harnessing technology to maintain educational continuity and achieve optimal performance. These proactive measures have significantly bolstered the confidence of both parents and students in the educational system.

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