The Budiya Pre School


School Summary

Following the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum U.K., The Budaiya Pre School has provided quality education in Bahrain for children from 2- 6 years of age for the past 26 years. The Budaiya Pre School holds the prestigious E. Quality counts Accreditation from the National Day Nurseries Association U.K and is the only preschool in Bahrain to hold this accreditation.  The preschool’s facilities are purpose built and specially designed for the safety and specific needs of young children.

Language of instruction English with basic Arabic for those who wish to receive it
Age range 2-6 years
Native English teachers Yes
Uniform required Yes
Allows Late or Midterm Enrollment Yes
Transportation Yes
Year of Establishment 1996
Annual Fees BD975.000 to BD2400.000 (depending on age and number of days attending)
Admission Requirements Copy of child’s CPR, Immunization certificate, 3 photos Registration form and fees
Student Population 100
Number of Staff 20

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What are the facilities available in your school? Please distinguish between Ministry mandated facilities and extra facilities.

  • Spacious purpose built classrooms with adjoining bathrooms
  • Library
  • Soft play room
  • 2 large play areas and children’s garden
  • Cooking centre
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Large Children’s indoor Theater

What coronavirus (COVID-19) initiatives have you implemented?

The school has been deep cleaned and resources sanitized in accordance with the Ministry guidelines in preparation for the children’s return.  A strict cleaning schedule has been introduced and resources such as carpets, soft toys and items that are difficult to clean have been removed. Apart from that, the following measures will be implemented:

  • Starting times of each class will be staggered to minimize contact with other parents and children.
  • The children will be assigned their own small group and teacher to minimize contact with others. The children will have their own learning area and individual resources such as pencils, and art materials.  They will also have a separate outdoor and indoor play space that is not shared with others.
  • The teacher will ensure their children maintain a high standard of hygiene and frequent hand washing on arrival; before eating and after play as well as after cleaning their nose using the bathroom etc.
  • The children will be required to wear fresh clothes daily and shoes will be taken off outside the classroom and indoor shoes used in the classroom.
  • Children may not bring toys or other items from home, lunch bags will be sanitized on arrival at school.

How can parents ensure that their children are safe in school?

The parents must follow the guidelines above and monitor their child’s health. They should inform the school if their child is unwell for any reason. These are some helpful ways to keep the students safe too:

  • Take temperatures before leaving for school
  • Keep their child at home if they are sick
  • Teach and maintain good hand washing hygiene with their child
  • Minimize contact with others outside school
Category Pre-School
Curriculum British Curriculum
Address Building No: 811, Road: 1726, Block: 517, PO Box: 30255
Governorate Northern
Telephone 17791491
Email address [email protected]
Website http://www.budaiyapreschool.com
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