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School Summary

The Bahrain Bayan School (BBS) is an independent, non-profit bilingual school which functions under Bahrain government law and is licensed by the Bahraini Ministry of Education. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and colleges in the USA, BBS serves approximately 1,100 Arab national students pre-school to grade 12. The school completed an ambitious strategic plan (2015-2019) to guide its future in service to students, school, and community. The school was recently awarded the highest grade possible Outstanding by the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA).

Language of instruction English and Arabic
Age range K to 12
Native English teachers Yes
Uniform required Yes
Allows Late or Midterm Enrollment No
Transportation No
Year of Establishment 1982
Annual Fees Differs per section (refer to the school’s website)
Admission Requirements Refer to school website
Student Population 1,188 (for 2019-2020 academic year)
Alumni Population 1,520
Number of Staff 241
Extracurricular Activities We have a wide and diverse range of extra-curricular activities for all age groups.


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What is the range of your virtual classes / learning?

Our IT unit was established six (6) years ago and we have fully invested into this department which has since grown into a well-rounded team that comprises of fully certified IT personnel as well as educational IT personnel. Our virtual learning program has been an ongoing and ever-changing practical and applied process for us and our community, which is why the shift to virtual learning was effortless for our students.

What are the facilities available in your school? Please distinguish between Ministry mandated facilities and extra facilities.

We have all the Ministry mandates facilities as well as many extra facilities including a full sized athletic track and a two astroturf sports fields. We also have a large double gym for the senior school and a smaller gym for the primary school. We have an Eco-lab and an Innovation hub that comprises fully equipped maker spaces and a Vecks robotics lab.

Do you offer any scholarships or student discounts? If yes, please elaborate.

Yes, we offer substantial discounts for the children of our staff. We also offer insurance for them and the whole of the Bayan Community through The Bayan Care Insurance Plan, which is free of charge. This scheme covers student’s tuition fees (at any point until graduation) in case a student’s legal guardian passes away or has a permanent total disability through an accident or due to sickness (god forbids), and therefore wouldn’t be able to pay for the student’s tuition fees. The Finance department is to bear all costs associated with the Bayan Care Plan, effective immediately.

What coronavirus (COVID-19) initiatives have you implemented?

We have followed the guidelines of the WHO and the CDC, and the Supreme council of health and the National Taskforce for Combatting the Corona Virus in Bahrain to ensure that the school will be safe for our students and staff.

The School has a full time doctor and three nurses operating in three fully equipped infirmaries. We have also used specialized disinfectants on all door handles and installed wash basins around the two school campuses. We have also changed the way the traffic flow through the school gates operate. We also will have the students working in bubbles to easily contain the virus, as well as installing an isolation room if any student feels unwell.  The School has also added a First Aid kit in each classroom and all teachers and staff will be trained before students return to school. The School has added extra staff to ensure the supervision of the students in this time and we are continuously striving to find new ways to cope with this pandemic.

In addition to the above, we are offering the parents and guardians training courses at the beginning of the academic year to get them working with their children at home in many subjects. The courses will be announced in mid-august.

How can parents ensure that their children are safe in school?

They should similarly follow all the Covid_19 guidelines and regulations at home and should not send their children to school if they are ill. Strict guidelines are being put to place as well as different scenarios of returning back to the School in the safest way for all.

Category Private School
Curriculum American Curriculum
Address Building No: 230, Road: 4111, Block: 841, PO Box: 32411
Governorate Southern
Telephone 77122244
Email address [email protected]
Website https://www.bayanschool.edu.bh/
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