EtonHouse International Pre-School


School Summary

EtonHouse Bahrain provides an Early Years Programme for children aged from 18 months to 4 years of age. EtonHouse provides a bilingually English/Arabic enriched, programme with a carefully resourced environment that stimulates the learning and development of children aged 2-4 years. EtonHouse’s early childhood curriculum is inspired by internationally accepted best teaching practices from around the world such as the Reggio Emilia educational project of northern Italy.

Curriculum British
Language of instruction English
Age range 1-4
Native English Teachers Yes
Uniform Required Yes
Allows Late or Midterm Enrollment N/A
Transportation No
Year of Establishment 2017
Annual Fees BD 2,700
Admission Requirements Registration
Student Population 80
Alumni Population 60
Number of Staff 15

What is the range of your virtual classes / learning?

We have an HBL (Home Based Learning) for children whose ages range from 2 years to 6 years. Our HBL Hub is supported by our established educational group who has developed the HBL for our 120 schools worldwide.

What are the facilities available in your school? Please distinguish between Ministry mandated facilities and extra facilities.

We have an Aterlia (Art Workshop Studio) which no other school on the island has. We have a Forest School Garden, Sensory Light Studio, Music Studio, Outdoor Art Studio. Our facilities are sustainable and we are the only school on the island with a natural eco-friendly organic setting.

What coronavirus (COVID-19) initiatives have you implemented?

We have prepared a post COVID-19 Policy, Risk Assessments, Staff Training, and whole sanitizing of the school, and resources. The policy we developed, we have shared with other Pre Schools in Bahrain and the Ministry.

How can parents ensure that their children are safe in school?

Eton House schools have strict Post COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies and Risk Assessments in place for September.

Category Pre-School
Curriculum British Curriculum
Address Building No: 539, Road: 7908, Block: 578
Governorate Northern
Telephone 17490333
Email address [email protected]
Website https://www.etonhouse.me/
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