Canadian School Bahrain

School Summary

The Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) is a private school located in Diyar al Muharraq, offering a 21st-century curriculum with high academic standards. The school offers a unique education program teaching the British Columbia, Canada curriculum integrated with Bahraini Social Studies, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language.

Opened its doors in 2019, the Canadian School Bahrain is certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and is the first certified BC offshore school in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The certified offshore schools have to ensure to compile a set of criteria that includes lesson planning, competency-based learning, and assessment that allows for ongoing feedback between teachers and students. Also, all teachers CSB go through strict accreditation to ensure they become BC certified.

Language of instruction English and Arabic
Age range Preschool ages: 3-5 yearsElementary School ages: 6-10 yearsMiddle School ages: 11-13 yearsHigh School ages: 14-17 years* Currently, the school offers Nursery to Grade – 5 and will be offer Grade -6 from 2020-21
Native English teachers Yes
Uniform required Yes
Allows Late or Midterm Enrollment Yes
Transportation No
Year of Establishment 2019
Annual Fees

Nursery – 1850

Kindergarten I – 2000

Kindergarten II – 2150

Grade 1 – 2300

Grade 2 – 2450

Grade 3 – 2650

Grade 4 – 2850

Grade 5 – 3050

Grade 6 – 3300

Fee Extras

Admission Form – 100 BD non refundable

Registration Fee – 250 BD

Admission Requirements Ability to complete an English, Math, and Arabic entrance exam and Interview
Student Population 400 students
Alumni Population NA
Number of Staff Over 36 staff and we are actively hiring
Extracurricular Activities Ongoing throughout the school year, STEM, Sports, Arts, Technology


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What is the range of your virtual classes/learning?

The Canadian School Bahrain being an offshore school has a set structure and guidelines to be followed from British Columbia Canada. Currently, the school offers virtual classes from Preschool to Grade-5, and all our staff are equipped with the latest tools and technology and have undergone training from BC in conducting online sessions.

What are the facilities available in your school? Please distinguish between Ministry mandated facilities and extra facilities.

They are 5 building phases to our school the elementary school is phase 1, we are currently established on the ground floor with a playground and outdoor lunch area. We will be operating the 2nd and 3rd floor from the 2020 – 2021 school year. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor will have a gym, canteen, science lab, home economics room, library learning commons, and our football field also will be ready outside.

All our classrooms are smart classrooms, they all have smart tv board or smart projectors. All our preschool classrooms have restrooms inside the classrooms and exit doors, these exit doors are used for pickups or any emergencies. Also, we have a school clinic with a certified nurse who is available at school all the time.

Do you offer any scholarships or student discounts? If yes, please elaborate.

Canadian School Bahrain is a non-profit organization and we are very inclined towards nurturing young and talented Bahraini students to be future leaders. The school offers the Canadian School Bahrain Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Details

The scholarship covers 50% of tuition fees for 2-3 academic years and will be evaluated each year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bahraini citizen
  • Ability to communicate both in Arabic and English
  • Moving to grade 4 or 5, a student attending or not attending the Canadian School Bahrain
  • Attain an academic average of 85% or above
  • Letters of reference from school and extracurricular leaders
  • Ability to complete a core competency exam
  • Should complete the English and Math assessment
  • Clear interview successfully

What coronavirus (COVID-19) initiatives have you implemented?

As per the instructions of the Ministry of Education – Bahrain, we all gearing up for the new academic year and opening of the school during September. We are following all procedures and recommendations directed by WHO, UNICEF, and IFRC and by the Bahrain Ministry of Education.

Our procedures for prevention of the Covid-19 virus are very stringent and rest assured our whole staff are on constant alert and have received training in best practices of dealing with the virus. Also, as per the WHO recommendations we have placed hand hygiene stations at entrances and exits, daily screening of body temperatures on entry into the building for all staff, students and visitors, regular cleaning, and sanitization of the complete school area. Apart from it, we rearranged all the furniture with increase disk spacing, social distancing stickers in hallways and classrooms, etc.

While coming to kindergarten pupil, we understand all the anxieties both for parents and children. Our school staff are here to support any student, or indeed family member, with all the practical support needed.  

How can parents ensure that their children are safe in school?

Our student’s safety is our highest priority at CSB. Our school staff are here to support any student, or indeed family member, with all the practical support needed. Our entire team is looking forward to seeing our youngest children again and helping them make this step safely and successfully.  

Category Private School
Curriculum British Columbia Canada curriculum
Address Building No: 4499, Road: 6447, Block: 264
Governorate Muharraq
Telephone +973 13691111/66721702
Email address [email protected]
Website https://www.canadianschoolbh.com/
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