Britus International School


School Summary

AMA International School is a private international school that started its operations in Bahrain in 2004. In 2021, AMA International School underwent a rebranding and changed its name to Britus International School. The school runs an American curriculum offering IB and IGCSE as an additional stream for senior school. The High School students graduate with a high school diploma approved by the Ministry of Education.

Since November 2019 AMA International School has been managed by Britus Education, the school is a well-equipped campus offering students the very best learning experience. The school is currently going through a significant transformation and parents and students are fully engaged in the changes and developments.

Language of instruction English/Arabic
Age range 3-18
Native English teachers No
Uniform required Yes
Allows Late or Midterm Enrollment Yes
Transportation Yes
Year of Establishment 2004
Student Population 1460
Alumni Population 1649

Annual Fees

Pre-school Nursery BD 1,616
  KG1 & KG 2 BD 1,641
Primary School Grade level 1 to 5 BD 1,702
Secondary School Grade level 7  BD 2,160
  Grade level 8 BD 2,284
  Grade level 9 BD 2,451
  Grade level 10 to 12 BD 3,221

Admission Requirements:

  • Two photocopies of student’s valid passport
  • Three photocopies of student’s valid CPR
  • Two photocopies of student’s Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • Four recent passport sized Photographs
  • Two copies of the current and previous academic year School Report
  • One copy of Letter of Conduct from previous school
  • One copy of Leaving Certificate from previous school*
  • Transfer Letter from previous school
  • A copy of the student’s Vaccination Report
  • One photocopy of Father’s and Mother’s passport
  • One photocopy of Father’s and Mother’s valid CPR

Outside Bahrain:

  • The Leaving Certificate (or Report Card in some circumstances) must be stamped from the country you are leaving, by the Education Directorate & Foreign Affairs

Within Bahrain:

  • Obtain a recommendation letter from The Ministry of Education (Private Directorate) showing the equivalency
  • A letter from the Examination Department, in Bahrain, who will issue equivalency

Acceptance and registration may be dependent on an entry assessment to ensure AMAIS is able to support the learning requirements of your child.

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Bahrain Sports Day
  • I CAN – Business Exhibition
  • Parent Evening and Enrichment Showcase
  • World Scholar’s Cup 2020
  • Bahrain National Sports Day
  • Bahrain National Charter
  • Karate
  • Music (Guitar)
  • Abacus Math
  • Music (Keyboard)
  • Ballet
  • Arts
  • Fitness
  • EAL – English as an Additional Language
  • FAL -French as an Additional Language
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Parent Child Workshop – Mosaic
  • Higher Education Evening
  • Field Trip/ Clever Play
  • AMA Sports Day
  • Pre-school Trip – Al Areen
  • Horse Back Riding Activity
  • Living Wax Museum
  • Dreamland Carnival
  • Bahrain National Museum
  • Traditional Food Event
  • Mother’s Day
  • Science Fair
  • English Week Program
  • Sakhir Camping (Near Tree of Life)
  • Virtual Spring Camp-Purple Mash
  • Student Exchange Program – Dubai
  • COVID Essay Writing Competition
  • Purple Mash Program
  • IELTS Mock Test programme
  • Learn to Code
  • University Life/Opening Limitless Opportunities
  • Qur’an Reading Competition
  • ART Competition “Wish Eid Mubarak to the World”
  • MOOC – Massive Open Online Course
  • AMAzing Brains – Quiz
  • Bee
  • AMA’s Got Talent

What is the range of your virtual classes / learning?

The virtual classes cover from K to 12 for a period of 30 minutes covering all subjects.  

What are the facilities available in your school? Please distinguish between Ministry mandated facilities and extra facilities.

  • Indoor and outdoor sports facility
  • Achievement and Enrichment center (extra)
  • Health and Safety Unit
  • Learning Support Unit (extra)
  • Mac lab (extra)
  • Spacious Learning Environment

Do you offer any scholarships or student discounts? If yes, please elaborate.

  • Sibling discounts 
  • Royal Charity Organization (RCO) sponsored students’ discount
  • Staff discount
  • GFH scholarship plan

What coronavirus (COVID-19) initiatives have you implemented?

All ministerial COVID-19 safety regulations have been implemented. The school has sent its learning plans to the ministry for approval. 

How can parents ensure that their children are safe in school? 

Various communication platforms such as webinars have been offered for open communication with parents to answer any doubts they have in regards to safe return of their children to school. Detailed plans have also been shared with parents.

Category Private School
Curriculum International K-12 Curriculam
Address Building No: 208, Road: 408, Block: 704, PO Box: 18041
Governorate Northern
Telephone 1759 8444
Email address [email protected]
Website https://britus.edu.bh/
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