Saudi Universities Council Exempts Disabled Students From Standardized Admission Tests


The Saudi Council of Universities’ Affairs has exempted eight categories of individuals with disabilities from the standard capability and achievement tests required for university admissions.

These categories include individuals with hearing disabilities, visual impairments, learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders, physical and health disabilities, language and speech disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Dr. Basam Al-Basam, General Secretary of the Council, explained that the exemption decision for disabled individuals was made following directives from the Minister of Education and President of the Universities Affairs Council, Yousef Al-Benyan.

A specialized committee was formed to study the acceptance of disabled individuals in universities and their exemption from standardized tests.

The committee conducted several sessions and workshops to discuss studies related to this exemption.

The Education and Training Evaluation Commission is set to work on designing appropriate tests for the admission of individuals with disabilities to Saudi universities.

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