Saudi: Schools can decide on school hours, duration of class hours


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education has granted affiliated private and international schools the authority to reduce the duration of class hours, as well as adjust the time set for the start of the school working day.

The Ministry’s decision came as part of its move to further improve the educational sector and facilitate the functioning of private and international schools.

The Ministry has granted flexibility in determining the duration of the class hours by the private and international schools.

According to the Ministry directive, the duration of the class hours should not be less than 35 minutes for the elementary and intermediate levels of schools, and 40 minutes for the secondary schools.

As for the time for starting the school hours, it can be decided by the school authorities to advance by half an hour or delay by one hour from the approved standard timing.

The Ministry’s decision allows these schools to take advantage of the enrichment programs approved by it and that is in accordance with daily and weekly class hours being followed for each class in public schools.

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