Saudi Ministry of Health Launches Anti-bullying Campaign in Schools


The Ministry of Health has launched an anti-bullying awareness campaign in schools aimed at safeguarding the mental health of students and reducing bullying incidents.

Through the campaign, students are taught the forms bullying can take, its effects and how to deal with it, while parents are educated about the seriousness of bullying and their role in confronting the problem.

The campaign identified the most important signs that indicate that a student is being bullied, which include: physical injuries, poor academic performance, anxiety and mood swings, and changing eating habits.

The ministry encourages students who are being bullied to communicate with their teachers, parents or anyone else they trust, as well as to avoid responding to the bully or being alone in his or her presence.

The ministry called on teachers and school principals to engage students and parents and encourage them to contribute to the efforts to combat bullying.

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