Saudi: Jawazat answers several questions about e-passport


The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) has answered in a statement several common questions about the e-passport. The Jawazat said that individuals seeking to issue the e-passport must book an appointment through Absher to check the Jawazat office in the region.

Regarding the price of the passport, the Jawazat confirmed that the fees for issuing and renewing the passport are still the same and have not changed — SR300 for 5 years, and SR600 for 10 years.The previous passport will still be issued even after the launch of the new e-passport, Jawazat confirmed.

The Jawazat said that it is possible for a citizen to make a request to replace the old passport with the e-passport, even if it is still valid, but only after 6 months of its issuance. Replacing the old passport with the e-passport is not mandatory.

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