Saudi Arabia Announces 3-Term School Year System With 8-Week Summer Vacation


The Saudi Ministry of Education has approved the academic calendar for the next five years, the local sources reported, adding that this will affect all public education, higher education and technical and vocational training in the kingdom.

The upcoming 2024-25 academic year will follow a three-term system for public schools. This includes an eight-week summer vacation starting in August. 

The first term begins on August 18, 2024, the second term on November 17, 2024 and the third term on March 2, 2025, ending on 26 June the same year.

Holidays are scheduled for National Day, autumn break, Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha and other weekends. 

The ministry will decide if future years will use a two-term or three-term system. All systems must have a minimum of 180 school days.

Universities, technical colleges and international schools can set their own calendars. But they must follow the overall five-year time frame approved. This aims to benefit the educational process.

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