Saudi allows double major through blended learning for secondary school


The Ministry of Education announced that it will start working on the blended learning document from the beginning of the new academic year.

This gives an opportunity for the secondary school students of the track system to obtain a double major, including a general and a specialization major. Blended learning refers to an integration of traditional face-to-face class activities and online activities.

Upon graduation, the student will obtain two secondary school certificates (double major), one in the general major, and the other in the specialization major that he studied online as optional such as engineering, computer, health, business or other disciplines.

The ministry noted that the application of the blended learning program will help take advantage of the successes achieved during the past period in the field of e-learning and distance learning.

The blended learning program aims to optionally provide the opportunity for students of the second year of secondary school in the general specialization track system to study another additional specialization through distance learning, in accordance with the special study plans and specific controls and standards that are included in the program document.

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