Nadeen School Bahrain Hosts Inaugural Edition of TeachMeet


Nadeen School hosted the first ever TeachMeet at their new, state-of-the-art campus in Dilmunia. Attendees were welcomed, representing universities, public/private schools and early childhood centres. The event was designed to positively impact professional development, student learning, and education across the entire country with the following vision: to bring passionate educators together for the benefit of all students.

The evening format included a main presentation to launch this ongoing series of events, guest speakers, workshops, leaders and facilitators, networking sessions, gifts for all attendees, donated prizes from businesses and an award ceremony. This was an opportunity to invite all educators from around the country, and bring them together for a single purpose: creating a network of collaborators who are passionate about education.




The school’s performance theatre, classrooms, breakout rooms, and other areas were utilised as part of the endeavour and provided many opportunities to share best practices, connect with others, and foster a passionate network of teachers moving forward.

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