Market-based Practical Training Program: Mutamahin


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1. Please share a brief background of your innovation.

Mutamahin is designed in collaboration with employers from different industries. Meaning that every year, we speak to our trusted employers to understand what skill sets are necessary and expected from the new generation of work-ready individuals. We differentiate our program by introducing additional practical sessions (fireside sessions and job shadowing) to supplement the main training sessions.

2. How was it planned?

Mutamahin has a strong and long-term relationship with employers and training institutions in Bahrain. The Mutamahin volunteering team ensures the quality of the sessions remains of the highest standards by anchoring the training to the identified skill sets of the market. This is then incorporated in strategically designing the program schedule and selecting the relevant trainers/speakers.

3. Did you face any challenges in implementation?

The selection of suitable companies to host the sessions, especially job shadowing and fireside would cover training all of the candidates from various educational backgrounds. This is to ensure that Mutamahin remains inclusive to all potential Mutamahin participants. 

4. A brief assessment of your results

By getting up-to-date skill set requirements from employers and the introductions of sessions that provide practical training, it raised the probability of Mutamahin participants receiving internship positions. The caliber of candidates also resulted in converting internship positions to full-time jobs.

5. In hindsight, what were the most valuable lessons learned? Could things have been done differently?

The value of introducing practical sessions like job shadowing and fireside sessions increased the likelihood of earning full-time positions. Such training has also resulted in employers now choosing to fill full-time spots with Mutamahin candidates upon graduating from the program. Mutamahin continues to reassess the type of training provided each year for the market needs and serve and equip Bahrain’s youth with the necessary skills.

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