Majority Of Americans Question The Value Of College


A new Wall Street Journal-NORC poll reveals that a majority of Americans believe a college degree isn’t worth the cost and time. Sliding confidence in the higher education system indicates that the American Dream can be achieved without a college degree. This is an ominous sign for liberal professors teaching meaningless programs, particularly in the humanities.

The poll, conducted with NORC at the University of Chicago, found that 56% of Americans believe a four-year degree is a poor investment, while 42% still have confidence in colleges.

The majority of this scepticism is found among individuals aged 18-34, and those with degrees are among the groups whose views have soured about college. And why is that?

Well, over 43 million individuals have federal student loans totalling $1.6 trillion. Many of these individuals were assured that obtaining a degree would secure them a high-paying job.

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