Launch Your Academic Journey at UTB’s IFY Programme with NCUK


The University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) is offering aspiring students a gateway to world-class universities in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. As an accredited study centre for the Northern Consortium of United Kingdom (NCUK) universities, the university offers an International Foundation Year (IFY) programme designed to prepare students for seamless progression to their dream university abroad.

What is the International Foundation Year (IFY) programme offered by UTB? 

It is a programme designed with NCUK university partners to prepare international students for first year entry in to undergraduate degree courses at the best universities in UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. 

What is the objective of the programme? 

The objective is to help bridge the gap between the student’s local qualification and the expected standards in taking up a university degree at a UK based or international university. Students who successfully complete the International Foundation Year (IFY) programme gain guaranteed access to multiple degree courses at NCUK universities.   

Why is it necessary to bridge the gap between gaining a local qualification and an entry to UK or international universities?  

High school graduates are required to undertake the International Foundation Year (IFY) programme to ensure that the entry requirements are met and that direct first-year entry at NCUK universities is guaranteed. This is because holding a secondary school certificate completed in Bahrain, within the GCC, or its equivalent in other countries may not meet the entry requirements of UK and international universities.

Why study IFY at UTB and not abroad

UTB has in place facilities and competent faculty members who have been recruited especially for this programme to prepare local and international students to successfully complete this programme. In addition, students can make huge savings while studying the programme at UTB as compared to the costs for the same foundation year abroad.  

While doing their IFY at UTB, the student support team will help find the best course and university through the NCUK’s University Application Service. They work with a wide range of universities around the world and their student support team are experts in getting you a place at an NCUK university.

What is the duration for the NCUK IFY programme? 

The programme’s duration is for 9 months, and upon completion, the students are guaranteed direct entry to their preferred NCUK university. 

What study options are available after completing the IFY programme?

Students have guaranteed entry to their preferred university in the UK or abroad, with numerous degree options available for their continued studies. They have the option to pursue a wide range of interests such as International Studies, Law, Economics, Arts and Design, Architecture, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Psychology, Biological Sciences, and more.

Which universities are partnered with NCUK to ensure entry into the first year of undergraduate degree courses?

Students have the opportunity to advance to over 45 universities across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand after completing the IFY programme at UTB. They are as follows:

  • The University of Manchester 
  • UNSW Sydney 
  • University of Bristol 
  • The University of Auckland 
  • Durham University 
  • University of Birmingham 
  • University of Leeds 
  • The University of Western Australia 
  • University of Sheffield 
  • University of York 
  • Queen Mary University of London 
  • University of Alberta 
  • Lancaster University 
  • University of Exeter 
  • Cardiff University 
  • University of Otago 
  • Queen’s University Belfast 
  • Brunel University London 
  • University of Kent 
  • Aston University 

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