Kuwait: This Female Teacher Brought Syringe To ‘Silence’ Rowdy Students


Kuwait’s prosecutors have ordered an expatriate teacher be remanded for 21 days pending further questioning over using a syringe in the classroom as a tool to “silence” students in the classroom.

Accordingly, the female teacher — a Syrian national — was sent to Kuwait’s Central Prison after she was accused of using the shot to punish students at a private school.

Investigations revealed that the teacher had intentionally jabbed two students with the syringe to force them into silence inside the classroom, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Qabas quoted a prosecution source as saying.

“Based on this, prosecution issued its decision to keep her in remand and transfer her to the Central Prison,” the source added.

The 24-year-old teacher allegedly works unlawfully at the school in the area of Al Salamiyah east of Kuwait City because she is on a dependent visa.

The case surfaced after a parent filed a complaint accusing the teacher of injecting his son with a syringe she purportedly got from the school clinic and that she had threatened the other students to subject them to the same act in order to bring them under control.

In response to the complaint, the woman was summoned by security authorities, who on vetting her identification documents found out she was an illegal schoolteacher.

She said she had been asked by the school administration to run the classroom after the main teacher had excused herself from work. She also denied the syringe attack, saying she only displayed it to restrain rowdy students.

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