Kuwait Bans Student From Schools Over Impersonation, Where A Pupil Impersonated Another To Take Exam


The Ministry of Education in Kuwait has permanently banned a high school student from enrolling in any school across the Gulf nation following a bizarre exam cheating scandal.

The student was caught after another individual was discovered taking an English language exam in his place last Thursday.

Local reports indicated that during the exam held last Thursday, officials at one of the halls became suspicious of one of the students’ identities.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the individual in question was impersonating the student.

The impersonator fled the exam hall immediately upon being discovered, leading the head of the examination committee to file a report under the title “impersonating a student.”

In response to this violation, the Ministry of Education issued a decision to permanently ban the student from attending any school in Kuwait.

The decision has since sparked significant public debate, with numerous Kuwaiti bloggers and social media users arguing about the harshness of the penalty.

While there is a consensus on the need for accountability, many feel the permanent deprivation of educational opportunities is too severe.

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