Internship Program: Riffa Views International School


The internship program was developed with a goal to bridge the gap between education and the real world. It’s an initiative that gives students the opportunity to explore a specific career path of their choosing prior to them making the decision to pursue further education in that particular field. The internship program successfully launched in September 2021 with over 10 student interns who have ventured into hands on internships in local entities acrossBahrain in various sectors including psychology, marketing, real estate, filmography, finance, and journalism. RVIS’ Internship Program is a innovation of learning and truly exemplifies our mission statement: Ignite Passion, Personalize the Journey, Impact through Action!

Students undertake a significant experiential learning opportunity with a company, non-profit, governmental, or community-based organization. The internship represents an educational strategy that links classroom learning and student interest with knowledge acquisition in an applied work setting.

Through direct observation, reflection and evaluation, students gain an understanding of the internship site’s work, mission, and audience, how these potentially relate to their academic study, as well as the organization’s position in the broader industry or field. Students will produce a critical reflection on their internship experience, demonstrating how they have addressed specific learning goals—ed organization. The student will build a portfolio of written reviews, projects, and/or assignments assigned to them by their instructor. These artifacts will reflect the student’snew and improved skills and applications in their field of interest, professional communication, independence, and growth from receiving constructive criticism.

Criteria: The student must be in grade 11 or 12 and be in good academic standing. The student must demonstrate the ability to be self-motivated and disciplined. All academic requirements must be met before an internship can be granted.

Placement: RVIS offers onsite and off-site placements. The sight understands that they are fully responsible for the student during their sessions. Currently, RVIS offers three different sights and looking to expand the sights as theprogram progresses.

Watch this video to learn more about Riffa Views’ internship program.

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