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School Summary

The British University of Bahrain (BUB) opened its doors in 2018 and was unique because of its partnership with one of the UK’s leading universities, The University of Salford, Manchester.

One of the most exciting things about BUB is that because the degrees are identical to those offered on Salford’s main campus, students can transfer to the UK at any time during their studies. Alternatively they can complete their degrees in Bahrain and gain exactly the same qualification as they would have had they chosen to study in Manchester. All degrees offered at BUB are fully recognised for attestation by the Higher Education Council of Bahrain.

BUB brings to Bahrain not just Salford degrees, but also the Salford learning experience. As with Salford University in the UK, BUB works closely with industry to ensure that our students are fully equipped for the world of work. Internships, industrial placements and visits as well as a focus on practical application all contribute to making BUB graduates uniquely employable and ready to begin successful careers.

BUB has 10 majors in 3 colleges of ICT, Business and Engineering and the Built Environment.

Degree Levels Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Programs CT, Business and Engineering and the Built Environment
Admission Requirements 75% High School and IELTS 5.5
Annual Fee Average/Range BD 5000-7000
Alumni Population N/A
Number of Staff 40-50
Allows Late or Midterm Enrollment Yes
Student Population ~230

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What is the range of your virtual classes / learning?

BUB had been making extensive use of the learning platform Blackboard to support our classroom teaching, including Blackboard’s in-built virtual classroom system, Collaborate Ultra, to provide an equivalent experience to our students.

What are the facilities available in your university? Please enumerate.

  • Student Lounge
  • Class rooms
  • Bookshop
  • Computer labs
  • Engineering lab
  • Swimming PoolGym
  • Cafes
  • Parking space
  • Library

Do you offer any scholarships or student discounts? If yes, please elaborate.

At  the  British  University  of  Bahrain  we  believe  in  rewarding  academic excellence and in attracting the most able students from Bahrain and the wider region. We aim to provide a nurturing academic environment to enable our students to maximise their potential, achieve their academic goals and successfully step into their chosen career. More details can be found at: https://bub.bh/admissions/scholarships/

What coronavirus (COVID-19) initiatives have you implemented?

There were a range of initiatives that were implemented soon as we realised that we won’t be resuming normal classes for a while:

  • Exam replacement:  A range of alternative assessments with the University of Salford were agreed upon. Our students were not required to attend BUB; these assessments were conducted through remote access.
  • Online English Entrance Exam: While IELTS is a requirement for entry, we understand that obtaining an IELTS certificate may not be possible because of the current restrictions. Therefore, BUB created an English Language Entrance Test, available now, online.
  • Live Chat: We understand that choosing to study a Bachelor’s degree is a big decision and this could be even more difficult when once cannot visit us, to discuss the situation with us, in person. Therefore, to help support, a live chat initiative was undertaken where the potential students could book a slot with our admissions staff and have their questions answered.
  • Easy Transfer: BUB recognises that this is a very difficult and uncertain time for students from Bahrain who are currently studying at UK universities. We understand that the prospect of being forced to interrupt your studies as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak is distressing and unsettling. BUB has made it easier for students to transfer their studies to study a University of Salford programme, pending academic conditions.

How do you ensure the students safety and wellbeing in your university?

Ensuring our student’s safety and wellbeing is a priority at the British University of Bahrain. To ensure that they have all the support needed, we have a dedicated member of staff, our head of students affair whom students can reach out to. Any student facing any difficulty is dealt with in a compassionate and considerate manner keeping students wellbeing as a priority.

Category University
Course Professional Courses
Area Saar
Address Building No: 1242, Road: 2719, Block: 527
Governorate Northern
Telephone +973 17130303
Email address [email protected]
Website https://bub.bh/
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