How is the American School of Bahrain reinventing education?


The key to the economic and social success of any country is ordinarily a quality education system and Bahrain is a country where education is encouraged and celebrated. Hence, the American School of Bahrain aims to contribute to the Kingdom for many years to come, by offering a challenging American and international education that inspires students to pursue their passions, achieve their goals and become responsible global citizens.

As a school, ASB works hard at creating a culture of kindness, sense of belonging, and an atmosphere where it is okay to take risks and fail in an attempt to improve. They also have a state-of-the-art campus and utilize technology in their day-to-day education. Furthermore, they are an Esol Education school.

It is worth noting that even though ASB is an international school, they provide a very comprehensive Arabic and Cultural program for all of our students including those who learn Arabic as a second language. On top of that, their staff and teachers are all experienced internationally and have vast experiences in their fields.

“We are thrilled that we successfully opened our brand-new school right in the middle of a world pandemic. With careful preparation we have taken steps to ensure parents of our students are comfortable sending their children to school each and every day.” ASB shared that 95% of their students are in school from Sunday to Thursday, and have never needed the students to attend in shifts and learn remotely.

ASB is expecting their student numbers to double next year – a response to their inaugural months with satisfied parents and students. Several discounts are in place for families who have three or more children enrolled in the school.

“We look forward to continue developing our ethos and atmosphere where students and staff love to come to school each and every day, where students feel they are part of something very special and that every adult in the building cares deeply for their learning, their well-being and their future. After that, everything else will fall into place”, ASB commented.

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