How is Canadian School Bahrain giving students real life financial literacy skills?


The CSB Junior Banking Programme allows students to learn the ins and outs of banking through a hands-on learning experience.

In collaboration with Al Salam Bank, the Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) launched a ‘Mini Bank Branch’ at the school campus where the students get to experience and learn real-life financial literary skills. Students from Grades 5 and 6 will learn how banking works by taking the role of both bankers and customers, experiencing real time exchanges with their peers.

The students will learn the day-to-day responsibilities of a CEO, customer representative, branch manager, and teller as well as how to work together as a collaborative team to ensure that operations run smoothly in a fast-paced environment.

Children learn best when they are fully engaged, and one of the most effective ways to engage them is through a hands-on approach. It challenges them through experience and encourages them to experiment, think outside the box, and learn new problem-solving strategies.

CSB is a certified offshore school offering the British Columbia, Canada curriculum (BC Curriculum). Its core competencies are integrated into all learning, namely: communication, critical and creative thinking, and personal and social responsibility.

For more information on CSB and their Junior Banking Programme, call 66644234 or visit their website.

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