How impactful are peer connections in choosing a university?


You can connect with current students at the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) and learn about student life, academics, and more through Unibuddy.

Choosing a university is a huge and important decision. Will you get a quality education? What will student life be like there? Will you have the time and opportunity to pursue other interests and hobbies?

Before making any valuable investment, people today have become more and more interested in hearing about others’ authentic experiences – from online reviews, to peer-to-peer word of mouth. What then would be the most trustworthy source for prospective university students? Existing students.

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has partnered with student peer-to-peer service Unibuddy to allow prospective students to chat with current students and ambassadors. They can get an inside look and learn about the university from another student’s perspective, ask questions, and receive advice.

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Connecting with students directly will give a better understanding of the culture and community at the university, and can also bring about a sense of belonging. Thus, helping them to make a more informed university choice. According to a Unibuddy user survey, 89% of users said they felt more confident about their university choice after chatting with other students on the platform. Since November 2021, nearly 1,150 questions have been answered by AUBH students through Unibuddy.

This benefits all three parties – students, prospective students, and the university. It is an opportunity for students to share their personal experiences and give advice, while providing prospects access to information that can help them make their decision. In turn, this could positively impact enrollment rates. According to an Intead report, 65% of students applied to the university where they had chatted with an ambassador.

AUBH places students at the centre of their efforts while promoting a “culture of care”. It is the Kingdom’s first comprehensive, purpose-built co-educational university.

To start chatting with an AUBH student, click here. For more information on AUBH, visit https://aubh.edu.bh/ or call 7799 9997.

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