How can graduates apply for Tamkeen’s internship scheme?


Tamkeen’s “Internship Scheme” is training opportunity that provides graduates with the opportunity to gain practical experience through a training period of between three to twelve months.

The internship bridges the gap between the skills of new graduates and the labor market requirements.

What does Tamkeen offer?

  • Through this program, Tamkeen provides an integrated platform for an extensive database of highly skilled trainees.
  • Tamkeen provides the necessary tools for the training period to help trainees to gain the necessary experience. The tools consist of a training timeframe, questionnaires to understand the skills needed during the training period, and applications to encourage the trainee and the training provider to work hard.

How to apply?

  • Create an Individual account on www.Tamkeen.bh 
  • Verify your account at any Tamkeen branch.
  • Create your profile on the internship portal. 
  • Once your profile is approved, apply for internships.

Who can apply?

  • Bahraini nationals 16-years-old and above. 
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