How are educational institutions in Bahrain rated during COVID-19?


The coronavirus pandemic presented several challenges in different sectors of the society, with the education sector being one of the most affected.

In this article, we will take a look at how the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) has rated all education and training institutions in Bahrain to ensure that the Kingdom’s education sector is maintaining its performance standards.

In BQA’s 2020 annual report, the authority revealed that they carried out their tasks by working in stages. First, BQA tested their readiness in terms of frameworks and working mechanisms in conducting their reviews remotely.

The second stage included the distribution of forms to measure the readiness of these institutions. Questionnaires on the effectiveness of distance education and training were also sent to parents, students, and teachers.

In the third stage, BQA conducted an assessment of distance education in government and private schools, as well as vocational education and training institutions across Bahrain. This was done by assessing virtual sessions as well as reviewing teaching processes, interaction and participation between learners and teachers/trainers.

BQA also evaluated the practices and applications of distance education. Furthermore, the level of support provided during distance classes was also identified.

The authority conducted pilot remote reviews of two higher education institutions, two vocational training institutions, and four private schools as a basis. The results were used to ensure that the frameworks and mechanisms used in BQA’s reviews were appropriate.

Finally, the efforts and preparations carried out by all education and training institutions were presented. This was done to obtain beneficial feedback that would aide the education sector especially during the pandemic and beyond.

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