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ARKIS Elementary School has implemented a dynamic growth mindset program to foster a growth mindset among its students. Heading this initiative is the Growth  Mindset  Coach, Mr. Mohammed Qambar, who oversees the Growth  Mindset Team.  This dedicated team comprises of 12 students from grades 4 and  5, strategically paired with one grade 4 student and one grade 5 student. This pairing not only encourages collaboration between different grade levels but also facilitates mutual learning and support.

Every week, the Growth  Mindset  Team visits various grade levels in the elementary school, spanning from grades 1 to 5. During homeroom time, they engage students in a variety of growth mindset activities carefully designed to inspire and empower them.  These activities  serve  as valuable opportunities for students to develop their growth  mindset, encouraging them  to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes,

and cultivate a love for lifelong learning.  The team holds elections to choose their President and  Vice President. This leadership structure promotes shared responsibility and encourages the students to take ownership of their growth mindset initiatives.

The selection of team members is based on recommendations from their respective homeroom teachers. This ensures that  students who demonstrate a genuine passion for promoting a growth  mindset are given the opportunity to contribute to the team’s efforts. Moreover, the team is changed every half term.

How was the innovation planned?

The innovation was planned with the goal of enhancing non-academic programs in the elementary school and increasing student-centred involvement. Recognizing the importance of fostering a growth mindset in students, the school identified the need for a student-centred program that would encourage students to view challenges as opportunities for growth,  embrace feedback, and learn from mistakes. Moreover, the program fosters an essential 21st-century skill: collaboration. This is achieved through meaningful interaction among students  from various  grade levels, cultivating  a strong sense of mutual  respect. Such values align with the core principles upheld by ARKIS.

What were the challenges faced during implementation?

During the implementation of the growth  mindset program, the team  faced several challenges. One of the challenges was finding time to meet and assess the progress to

ensure regular meetings and discussions. Additionally, time limitations  posed a challenge in terms of planning and  executing engaging growth  mindset activities  during homeroom sessions. Despite these challenges, the team persevered and continued to work towards their goals.

Give us a brief assessment of your results.

The growth mindset program at ARKIS Elementary School is highly successful. The program has created a collaborative learning environment where students from different grade levels work together as part of the Growth  Mindset  Team.  The team has been actively visiting different grade levels on a weekly basis to conduct engaging growth  mindset activities  during homeroom sessions. These activities, designed by the students themselves, have allowed them to take ownership of their learning and create experiences that resonate with their peers. The program has fostered a culture of self-reflection, continuous growth,  and a sense of belonging within the school community.

In hindsight, what were the most valuable lessons learned while implementing the innovation? Could things have been done differently?

The implementation of a growth mindset program in the elementary school provided valuable lessons and insights. By pairing grade 4 and  5 students together, the program fostered collaboration and peer learning.  These older students conducted growth mindset activities across grades 1 to 5, promoting the idea that intelligence and

abilities can be developed through effort and perseverance. The impact on younger students, especially those in grades 1 to 3, was  significant as they looked  up to the

community and unity within the school. Teacher involvement played a crucial role in reinforcing growth mindset principles in the classroom and supporting the activities.

While the program was successful overall, there are always opportunities for improvement. For instance, involving parents in the program through workshops or informational sessions could strengthen its impact by extending the growth mindset philosophy to the home environment.

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