Educational Innovation: Equestrian Center at Canadian School Bahrain


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Providing a holistic learning experience to students through after-school activities as they engage with equine care, riding, and management.

The Equestrian Center at Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) is a pioneering initiative that seamlessly integrates equestrian education into the school’s program and after-school activities. Established as a response to the need for diverse and holistic educational programs, the centre offers students a unique opportunity to engage with equine care, riding, and management alongside their academic studies.

How was the innovation planned?

The planning of the Equestrian Centre involved extensive research into equine studies, consultations with equestrian experts, and careful program development to align with BC curriculum educational standards. The centre was designed to provide state-of-the-art facilities and a conducive environment for both horses and learners.

We have collaborated with Queen Margaret School and Canada to study their Equestrian program and hire an expert coach for our students.

Did you face any challenges during implementation?

Challenges were multifaceted, including sourcing suitable horses, training staff, and ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare. Adjusting the after-school program schedule to accommodate equestrian studies and securing all safety measures.

Give us a brief assessment of your results.

Since its launch, the Equestrian Centre has seen a significant positive impact on students’ physical health, emotional well-being, and social skills. It has fostered a sense of responsibility and a connection to nature, with many students showing improved academic performance because of the holistic education approach. We have received positive feedback from parents and enthusiasm from students to be part of the program.

In hindsight, what were the most valuable lessons learned while implementing the innovation? Could things have been done differently?

The most valuable lesson was the importance of adaptability and community engagement. Input from students, parents, and equestrian professionals was crucial to refining our approach. If we were to do things differently, a greater initial emphasis on community awareness programs to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the innovation from the outset would have been beneficial.


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