E-Learning isn’t just for the kids


Here is a list of sites to pick up a few skills as well as certificates

Today, education is a selfserved dish with an internet connection. With a quick YouTube search, you’re sure to find courses on how to learn the guitar, build a website, or bake a cake! These sites offer online courses that only require a computer, internet connection, and your desire to learn.


Coursera partners with universities,organizations, and museums around the world for their offered courses. They charge a fee for their courses but you can apply for a scholarship through their website.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is also a site that boasts a lot of variety in their courses.They offer educational content for all ages, mainly for kids and teenagers covering primary to tertiary education. Khan Academy also offers resources for teachers and parents too, assisting them on how to teach their students and children. Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization and their content is free.

Open Culture Online Courses

If you want to go direct to a university or organization for a specific course topic but don’t want to sift through all of them, Open Culture has an organized list of 1000 educational resources. These vary from lectures, videos,podcasts, and reading materials from different universities around the world.


Udemy is similar in concept to Coursera offering courses but with an option to build custom lessons from it. This site can be helpful for teachers by having easily customizable courses to fit their students’ needs. Udemy offers both paid and free content.

University Websites

You can of course still go direct to the university’s website! However,most universities only offer a fraction of the variety of courses offered at the previous websites. Learning direct however can be more efficient in acquiring your certificate afterward.

Unlike standard school where you are guided and assisted by teachers,online learning depends highly on your ability to motivate yourself in pursuing a course. Be consistent, keep focusing on your current course activity and you’ll have a certificate in no time!


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