Dubai: Some Schools to Reopen From April 1 Before Eid Al Fitr Holidays


Indian-curriculum schools in Dubai are gearing up to welcome students back to classrooms starting April 1. However, this return to learning will be short-lived, as students will soon break for the Eid Al Fitr holidays. Scheduled for either April 9 or April 10, pending moon sighting, this festive occasion will likely be one of the longest public holidays of the year.

Students and their families could enjoy up to nine days break in April to celebrate Eid, marked after the holy month of Ramadan.

However, students enrolled in international curriculum schools enjoy a three-week break for the Spring holidays, which commenced on Monday. They are scheduled to resume classes after the Eid holidays on April 15.

Meanwhile, principals in Indian-curriculum schools highlighted that institutions are well-geared to welcome new students this year. The first week usually sees students settling into their new classes and routines and getting acquainted with their teachers and classmates.

“The school will follow Ramadan timings until the Eid holidays. Academic and behavioural expectations are laid out, rules and regulations are reiterated, and buddies are appointed for new students. Generally, no assessments take place in the first week apart from baseline tests conducted by subject teachers to assess the levels of students.”

The curricular program across schools includes the induction of students to their new grades by their teachers and subject-wise introductory lessons.

Amity School Dubai Principal, Sangita Chima, said, “There will be no assessments for us. We look forward to welcoming students for an exciting new week of learning prior to the Eid break. This will acclimatise them to the new classes and their teachers, and enable them to come back after Eid to a known and comfortable environment.”

Similarly, Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO – Principal at Credence High School, added, “This period is dedicated to settling in, forging connections, and getting a grasp of the daily school routine.”

‘Zakat’ in Ramadan

Headteachers also stressed that having the students in school at this time will help institutions chart the next steps in baselines and purposeful activities that enable students to break the ice with their peers, especially the new joiners.

“This year, we are working closely with Dubai Cares to fundraise towards their initiatives. Since we are still in the Holy Month of Ramadan, we will have the opportunity to revisit the concept of Zakat (charity). Additionally, the week provides us with opportune moments to embed the significance of the Islamic traditions and heritage of the UAE among our students. In this way, we envisage great moments of reflection that will permeate the ensuing Eid celebrations.”

Institution heads also highlighted that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board examinations for Grade 10 students end on April 2.

In certain schools this year, the first week of the new session will have Ramadan-related activities offering valuable insights into the meaning and spiritual practices of Ramadan and its impact on global society.

Muhammad Ali Kottakkulam, Principal, Gulf Indian High School, Dubai said, “In our Islamic Studies, lessons work will be very special, and each class will have classroom activities that include lessons on the history of Ramadan, the principles of Islamic charity, and the importance of prayer and reflection in daily life.”

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