Celebrating Culture and Community: National Day at the American School of Bahrain


The American School of Bahrain (ASB) was awash with the colours and sounds of celebration as students and faculty came together to mark Bahrain’s 52nd Bahrain National Day. The school community celebrated this special day in the Kingdom with a grand display of patriotism and cultural pride, engaging in a series of events that honoured the rich heritage of Bahrain.

The morning air on the school grounds buzzed with excitement as students and staff gathered for the special day. Homerooms were abuzz with the chatter of eager students donning traditional attire, ready to immerse themselves in the day’s activities.

The assembly began with the resonant sounds of the Bahrain Police Band setting a majestic tone for the day. The highlight of the assembly was the stirring rendition of the Bahrain national anthem by the ASB Band, led by Mr. Scott. The performance was even more poignant as a group of students simultaneously translated the anthem into sign language.

The gymnasium echoed with applause as various students took to the stage for their performances. From the opening welcomes by the school Director and Student MCs to the recitation of the Quran, the assembly celebrated not only Bahrain’s National Day but also the unity and diversity of its school community. Dances by different grade levels and Arabic poems recited by the students added layers of cultural depth to the celebrations.

Outside, the school field was transformed into a vibrant fairground, encapsulating the essence of Bahraini culture. Students and visitors alike were treated to traditional henna and face art. They could also try basket weaving or watch as fresh bread was baked before their very eyes. The aromas from the cooking station, serving traditional food, tantalised the taste buds, while the sounds of traditional music provided a melodious backdrop to the activities.

One of the most popular stations was the falconry display, where visitors could learn about this esteemed aspect of Bahraini heritage and even take a photo with these majestic birds. Pottery painting offered a chance for creativity and expression, and every corner of the field buzzed with the energy and enthusiasm of the ASB community, celebrating their love for Bahrain and its storied past.

Every student, from the Early Childhood Centre to Grade 12, had an opportunity to participate in the fair. The staggered timing allowed for a smooth flow and an immersive experience for every age group.

As the celebrations wound down, the sentiment of pride and community spirit lingered. The speeches by school members reflected a deep love for Bahrain, its rich history, and the bonds that tie the ASB community to this vibrant island nation.

The American School of Bahrain’s National Day celebration was not merely a day of joyous festivities but a profound reflection of the school’s commitment to honouring culture, history, and community. It was a day that undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who were a part of it, a beautiful homage to a nation that continues to inspire with its warmth, tradition, and progressive spirit.

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