CAS Project Renovation of the Students Lounge: Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School


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In March  2023, a group of seven students were presented with a unique opportunity to transform an unused area in the school into a dedicated lounge for their grade. Over six months, these students demonstrated unwavering commitment as they undertook the task of remodelling the space, including filling, sanding down, painting, and carefully planning the layout and design. Their relentless efforts resulted in the creation of the “Junior Lounge,” a welcoming environment where their peers can unwind, socialise, and study comfortably. This remarkable achievement, which also served as a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project, stands as a testament to the exceptional hard work, resilience and dedication exhibited by our students.

How was the innovation planned?

To ensure effective planning and coordination, the team of seven students utilised an Excel sheet project plan, and sketches to outline their vision for the lounge. The Excel sheet project plan served as a comprehensive tool, encompassing various aspects such as the proposed rules, required resources, and progress tracking.

One notable strength of the team was the diversity of its members. With seven individuals involved, they were able to navigate challenges that arose due to personal circumstances. If one team member was unable to participate, the others could step in and maintain progress. Additionally, the team recognized that each member possessed unique skills and qualities,  allowing for a wide range of innovative ideas to be incorporated into the lounge’s design.

However, the team initially encountered difficulties in handling certain professional tasks, such as painting and sanding walls, renovating furniture, filling holes and renovating bathrooms.  These challenges were overcome gradually as the project progressed. The students took the initiative in researching and learning from resources such as YouTube videos, enabling them to develop the necessary skills to overcome these barriers. This experience served as a valuable lesson in problem-solving and self-directed learning, highlighting the students’ resilience and adaptability.

Overall,  the team’s utilisation of an Excel sheet project plan tracker and sketches facilitated effective planning and organisation. The diverse skills and qualities of the team members contributed to the generation of innovative ideas. Although they faced initial challenges, their determination, resilience and willingness to learn allowed them to overcome these weaknesses and achieve their goals.

What were the challenges faced during implementation?

The renovation of the Junior Lounge presented our team with a series of significant challenges. Initially, lacking expertise in painting and DIY, made this task particularly demanding. However, the students approached the situation with a growth mindset, actively seeking guidance from online tutorials and seeking advice from professionals. This demonstrated their commitment to continuous learning and the ability to adapt in the face of obstacles.

Additionally, they faced unexpected difficulties due to the scorching summer heat. Enduring these conditions firsthand provided them with a heightened understanding and empathy for individuals who regularly face similar challenges in their respective fields. This experience added a layer of realism to their project and reinforced the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Despite the numerous hurdles confronted, the team embraced them as valuable opportunities for personal and collective growth. Their resourcefulness, adaptability, and ability to overcome obstacles will undoubtedly prove beneficial throughout their future endeavours.

Give us a brief assessment of your results.

The students involved in the project were able to develop their abilities in originality and teamwork, showcasing their unique creative approaches and taking full responsibility for one another. Since the debut of the lounge, students have been enthusiastically praising it and eagerly anticipating future projects from the organisers. The lounge has captured their imagination and garnered their admiration in every aspect.

In hindsight, what were the most valuable lessons learned while implementing the innovation? Could things have been done differently?

The main lesson that our students have learned through this remarkable experience is that when teamwork is combined with determination, even the most challenging tasks can be accomplished. The Junior Lounge project provided them with an opportunity to develop essential life skills within its walls. The seven dedicated organisers demonstrated exemplary collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills throughout the process. This project also aligned with the three main outcomes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, known as CAS:

Creativity: The students showcased their ability to think outside the box by planning, sketching, and transforming their ideas into a tangible reality.

Activity: Hours of dedicated effort were invested in physically scraping, fixing, and painting the lounge, highlighting the students’ active engagement and commitment to the project.

Service: The organisers went above and beyond to serve their fellow students by creating the  Junior  Lounge. Their selfless dedication ensures that future generations of juniors will benefit from this thoughtful space.

The remarkable achievement of the Junior Lounge project now stands as a powerful reminder to all our students that “when teamwork meets determination, even the impossible can be achieved”. It serves as an inspiration for future endeavours and reinforces the belief in their ability to overcome challenges and make a positive impact.

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