Building Champions On and Off the Field – Nadeen School’s Athletes Triumph at the International Level


Bringing home big victories, students at Nadeen School have been achieving significant milestones in their athletic journey. The school’s meteoric rise in sports is a result of a consistent after-school programme that enables every child to explore the sport of their choice and excel in it. We spoke to Paul Walton, Principal of Nadeen School, about how the programme is fostering a vibrant sporting culture within the school community and promising a brighter future for students on the field and beyond.

Congratulations on your recent win at the BSME U11 Games! What does the achievement mean for Nadeen School on the athletic front?

This is a huge success for Nadeen School, competing in our first international sports competition against the top British international schools from around the GCC. To finish as winners in basketball, runners up in athletics and 4th overall in our first-ever competition is an incredible achievement, and one we look to build upon for future competitions. It shows that the school has come a long way this year, winning our first PSL (Primary Sports League) trophy for the first time in 40 years to now being successful on an international front shows the team is going from strength to strength.

It also inspires other students to get involved in athletics across the school and creates buzz and interest due to this success. This, in turn, has a larger and further positive impact on our community.

Can you highlight the specific achievements of students through the school’s sports programme over the last year?

This has been our most successful sports season ever at Nadeen School. This year, our Under 11’s won the Girls Primary Sports League football (PSL) tournament, won the boys & girls PSL athletic meet, won the boys & girls PSL basketball tournament and then topped this off with successes at the BSME U11 games, winning the boys basketball, finishing second in the athletics and placing 4th overall. We have also seen great performances by our U14s, who have claimed 2nd and 3rd place at football and volleyball tournaments this year. We also entered the inaugural Junior Schools Football Tournament for Years 3 & 4, in which we finished as Cup Runners-Up & Plater winners.

What kind of sports can students participate in at Nadeen School?

There are so many opportunities for children to get involved with sports at Nadeen School. We offer a comprehensive after-school sports programme for children to play and be involved with the sports they enjoy. These include basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, dance, athletics, table tennis and many more. Since the success of the students this year, we have seen a sharp increase in the participation level of the students across all sports and now, as a school, we have 80% of our students actively engaged in 1 extracurricular activity every week.  All learners are choosing and excited by the opportunities at school to try new sports, learn new skills and lead a healthier lifestyle.

We also look to develop our talented athletes by offering weekly advanced squad sessions in the sports we will compete in at tournaments throughout the year.

What academic support systems are in place for student-athletes to ensure they’re not left behind academically while pursuing sports?

All of our sports programmes take place after school to ensure there is no disruption to classroom learning. At Nadeen, we understand the importance of academic achievement and extracurricular activities, ensuring students find the right balance between the two.

Students enjoy a holistic education at Nadeen School, which we take great pride in. All aspects of education are celebrated and supported to ensure that everyone receives a balanced and well-rounded education at school. Seeing how these are connected is vital, as many of the skills developed in one area are essential in the others. For example, self-belief and collaboration in emotional progress play an essential role in the active and sporting development of a child. The systems across the school track and help staff, through discussions, see the holistic development of the child.

Can you tell us a little about the Advanced Sports Programmes and how they contribute to the success of student-athletes at Nadeen School? 

Our Advanced Sports Programme (Sport for Excellence) is a scheme that encourages our gifted & talented students to play competitive sports regularly.

This involves weekly training sessions in several different sports and requires a commitment from the students to attend. This year we have had regular squad training sessions in football, basketball, volleyball, netball, swimming and athletics, and the results have paid dividends with our recent successes in the sporting tournaments we have entered. These sessions are led by expert coaches, who share their passion and knowledge with the students.

For more information about Nadeen School, please visit the website at www.nadeenschool.com or call +973 1772 8886. The admissions team can be reached at [email protected]

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