BSB shows its support for MOH by bringing forward its Half Term


On 21st October, the British School of Bahrain supported the efforts of the Ministry of Health by agreeing to commence its planned half term break one day early. The Ministry of Health reassured all parents that this was a standard procedure (there was no cause for concern and simply was requesting a precautionary measure to be taken) to provide additional time to support them identifying COVID-19 cases in the broader community, outside of the school.

In adherence to the Ministry of Health’s procedures and regulations aiming to prevent the spread of COVID-19, BSB was happy to oblige given its experience of bringing over 2000 students safely and successfully back into school over the past eight weeks. The very low number of cases within BSB is testament to the outstanding procedures that they have taken to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment.BSB, which enjoyed record academic results this year, continues to demonstrate its commitment to an all-round education, even during the current global situation.  Renowned for its innovative teaching and excellent use of technology to support learning, BSB continues to be a leading figure within the Gulf Region. Following a highly successful first eight weeks of term, the School looks forward to welcoming back its students and staff on 1st November 2020 following the half-term break.

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